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Schools & Groups

At Knockhatch Adventure Park and Ski & Snowboard Centre we welcome visits from schools and groups. We have the public liability insurance required by local authorities (£10,000,000), facilities for children with disabilities and experienced staff on hand to keep a watchful eye.
The Ski & Snowboarding Centre offers a variety of activities for children. When your party arrive, our instructors take over. We offer a full range of instruction in skiing and snowboarding with regular graded assessments and the award of badges and books as the youngsters attain each level. Sessions at the centre can be regular timetabled activity. We cater for children with special needs although we do ask that you advise us in advance.

The slope is mist lubricated and the children will probably get wet. Appropriate long trousers/tracksuit, long sleeves, thick socks and gloves will be needed to change into.
  • Please find appropriate forms to the right of this page (Parent Consent Form/Risk Assessments)
  • Please refer to our Ski and Snowboarding Activity pages for slope safety information
Anyone going out onto a lesson/open practice will have to sign a disclaimer (full name will have to be given) at the Centre. If under 17 years old an adult will have to sign for you.

There’s a great deal of media attention these days on the importance of physical education for schoolchildren – and for good reason. Health problems are on the rise and PE is a fantastic way to ensure that children stay healthy from a very young age. Good exercise and sport participation during school can set children up for a lifetime of staying active and fit. But sometimes the sports offered by school PE can be somewhat limited. This is not a fault of the schools themselves, rather that they often don’t have the resources or the equipment to offer a more extensive choice of sports. That’s exactly why we offer the use of the dry slope to schools for the express purpose of doing something different in PE lessons.

Offering skiing and snowboarding as an option for PE lessons is already proving hugely popular, with kids jumping at the chance to try their hand at one of the winter sports. The dry slope is equipped with the latest in technology and safety equipment, ensuring that a PE lesson on the Knockhatch Ski Slope is always safe and fun for all. The benefits of these sports as part of a PE lesson are many: including the fact that all major muscle groups are exercised, hand-eye coordination is improved, and it being great cardiovascular exercise too. On top of the health benefits there is the obvious draw that winter sports have for kids; they all love something a little bit cool and different – and skiing or snowboarding are most certainly that!

Many schools are already enjoying the benefits that Knockhatch can offer, so if you are involved in arranging PE lessons for a school, why not give it a try? It’s a safe and unique way to boost pupil engagement, and their fitness levels at the same time. There’s no doubt that skiing and snowboarding are a great way to keep fit – and in this day and age parents are always on the lookout for ways to keep their children active. Don’t assume that winter sports are reserved for holidays and gap years; a dry slope is all you need. So what are you waiting for? A new way to do PE is just a phone call away!