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Rules for the slope

Only those able to sign a disclaimer proving that they can snow plough, turn and stop under control and use the lift are allowed to use the slope for open practice. Anyone signing the disclaimer and who are not competent will have to leave the slope with no refund given.
  • All bare skin must be covered.
  • Gloves must be worn.
  • All users of 18 years or less must wear helmets as well as all school or club bookings when everyone irrespective of age will wear a helmet. Helmets must be worn for lessons and anyone using the jump on the slope.
  • No inverted jumps allowed.
  • All facial pierced jewellery must be removed before using the slope.
  • No racing is allowed.
  • Anyone using the slope in a manner, which could cause injury to themselves or other users, will be asked to leave the slope immediately with no refund given.
  • No instruction other than with our own registered instructors is allowed.
  • No one is allowed on the slope unless they are signed in at the lodge for an activity.
  • No one under the influence of alcohol or drugs may take part in any activity at Knockhatch.
  • Instructions and management must be obeyed at all times.

Specific Rules to Snowboarders

  • Always make sure that the front leg is tethered to the board
  • Always check the slope before starting a turn especially hillside
  • Do not attempt this sport without qualified instruction

Safety Code

This international code has been operational for a number of years and applies to all slope users and is binding by law
  • Respect for others : Behave in a manner that does not endanger other slope users
  • Control of speed : Adapt your speed to your ability and to the slope conditions
  • Choice of route : Adapt your line so as not to endanger slope users below
  • Overtaking : You may overtake to the left or to the right but leave enough space for the slope user below to continue their line
  • Entering and Starting : Check up and down hill before starting off and when entering or crossing a slope
  • Stopping : Always stop at the side of the slope and avoid stopping in narrow areas or areas of restricted visability
  • Climbing : When climbing up or down a slope always keep to one side
  • Signs : Obey all signs and slope markings, they are there for your safety
  • Accidents : In case of accidents provide assistance and alert the rescue services
  • Identification - Identify yourself to the rescue services and others in the incident